“Alternating Currents” Exhibition by Sam Ainsley – 26.07.-10.08.2019

Verið velkomin á opnun sýningarinnar Sam Ainsley “Alternating Currents” föstudaginn 26. júlí kl. 18.00.   Sýningin stendur til 10. ágúst og er opin frá kl.14:00-17:30 fimmtudaga til sunnudags.

Sam Ainsley is an artist, teacher, and advocate for Scottish art. She taught for twenty-five years at the Glasgow School of Art, including five years in the groundbreaking Environmental Art Course. Subsequent to this she was the co-founder of the GSA’s Master of Fine Art course with Roger Palmer, Sandy Moffat and John Calcutt. The list of alumni for the time she served as head of the MFA course could be seen, to a large extent, to define Scottish contemporary art. As an artist she has exhibited internationally and continues to do so. Her influence and ongoing contribution to art and education, has been recognised through her recent election to the Royal Scottish Academy this year and with a prestigious Saltire award as one of Scotland’s outstanding women. Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art recognised her contribution to art and art education with the award of an Honorary Doctorate (D.Litt.) in 2018.

This exhibition of new works in Reykjavik at Islensk Grafik by Sam Ainsley, Former Head of MFA, Glasgow School of Art will feature a huge 35 square metre Red Curtain printed with images of Iceland’s imaginary weather patterns in cobalt blue. This will cover two walls of the gallery. Title “A Curtain for Iceland” On an adjacent wall she will make a large wall drawing which will show real and imagined connections between Iceland and Scotland. Title? The Scotland whose “Auld Alliance” was with Iceland… (courtesy of Momus. There will also be a wall of recent prints and a wall of small famed drawings. “If the word ‘yes’ could rise up in flesh and blood, its human form would be that of Sam Ainsley. The power of affirmation is infinite, and Sam Ainsley is one of its sources. Generations of young artists who trained at Glasgow School of Art have risen high on the swelling waves of her encouragement and support. She is living proof that both praise and critical caution can be offered in the spirit of generosity. The mark she has left on others is indelible and readily acknowledged by those who have benefited from her loyalty, support and advocacy.

It is easily forgotten, however, that she is a formidable artist in her own right. Her remarkable achievements as a teacher have sometimes overshadowed – falsely and unfairly – her own creative output as a painter and printmaker. Infused with the spirits of socialism, feminism and Scottish cultural identity, her powerful images offer vivid and memorable visions of life as it might be, freed from conventional constraints. Anatomy and geography often join forces in these works, reminding us that life is lived within a dynamic network of interconnections, ranging from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. And red prevails: the colour of lifeblood, passion and borderless energy.” (J.Calcutt, 2017)

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