Cyanotype Workshop

Anna Niskanen Hover, float-2

Saturday June 22nd, 2019 from 10am to 4pm

In the workshop we will take a look into the history of light sensitive processes and use of cyanotype, as well as create photograms and photographs using the cyanotype process. All materials are included in the fee. If the weather permits we will create some of the prints outside in sunlight.


4-8 participants

TO ENROLL: email

No previous experience is needed, but for more experienced cyanotype printmakers, a tutorial of how to bleach and tone a print will be arranged. Please mention this in your email.

If you wish to create photographs from digital or analogue monotone (black and white) images, please send up to three files no later than June 20th.

Anna Niskanen is a Helsinki based visual artist currently at residence at SÍM. She graduated from Aalto University with a master’s degree in photography in 2017, and has since then exhibited in Finland, Iceland and Russia. Niskanen works with various kinds of photo-based printmaking techniques on paper, fabric and for example clay.

Pictured: Anna Niskanen: Hight Tide, 2017. Cyanotype on paper, 40x50cm.